Other Factors In Play With Lockdowns – Mental Health

It seems like people are becoming polarized over COVID-19 solutions. At times, it feels difficult to have nuanced discussions about the various measures being employed to combat the virus. This is really too bad. We are all in this pandemic together. This is not and will never be a black and white situation. COVID-19 is a real disease that poses significant risk to some people, yet any societal or individual response carries with it potentially serious repercussions. Every action has a reaction and these reactions should be included in any risk calculations.

That said, I want to share some observations about the COVID-19 lockdown, outside of the disease itself.

Parents are growing increasingly concerned about their children’s mental health. In a recent NPR story, parents report nightmares, tantrums, and regressions are just some of the worrisome behaviors their children are exhibiting in the wake of school closures and weeks of stay-at-home orders.