Escalating Costs Demand a Smarter SolutionAuto Medical Bill Review

The Reny Company specializes in medical cost-containment solutions resulting from automobile accidents involving first and/or third party injury coverage(s), we offer customizable, end-to-end medical bill review solutions. Our auto medical bill review can reduces costs, mitigate risk and streamline efficiencies – all made possible through a proven service model and philosophy that delivers continuity, consistency, and predictability. Our proprietary Auto Solutions capitalizes not just on our proven process, but also on the expertise of our people, which allow us to deliver unparalleled industry results that are true, accurate, and reasonable .

Let Reny handle all your auto medical cost containment issues

Auto Medical Bill Review Offerings Include

  • 1 Extensive coding review and repricing
  • 2 Regulations & Compliance Expertise-Automobile Insurance Cost Reduction Act of 1998 (AICRA)
  • 3 Proprietary PPO
  • 4 Aggressive fraud detection
  • 5 Automatic fee schedule and law adjustments
  • 6 Seamless referrals to our Specialty Bill Review unit
  • 7 Usual, customary and reasonable review
  • 8 Client Web Portal for bill approval and reports access
  • 9 Contractual provider discount application
  • 10Auto Case Management
  • 11 Customizable utilization review parameters/flags
  • 12 Provider Payment solutions