"mutual arrangement of the terms of a transaction or agreement"MedSave  Negotiations

You can receive substantial discounts on out-of-network claims and leverage 100% provider sign-off to mitigate the risk associated with other healthcare cost-containment methods. Our proven approach can be used for any coverage type and results in us delivering fair and equitable savings to the payer and fair payment to the provider. Let us show you how our cost-based data analytics, expert negotiators and robust contractual relationships allow us to produce almost double the industry standard net savings.

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The Reny Company is a smarter solution for your out-of-network
negotiations, we create value 4 ways...

With our team of expert negotiator and a proven track-record, The Reny Company will work cohesively within your overall cost containment plan and provide for fair reimbursement, to the provider, for the appropriate care.

  • Guaranteed Results or its Free
  • Win-win, for our clients and the providers
  • 100% provider sign-off
  • 24 to 72 hours turnaround time
  • Availability in all 50 states

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